Friday, July 27, 2012

Science and Techology Predictions by 2037

Predictions in the next 25 years. 2012 to 2037.

A change in energy to solar power and fusion based power. The fusion based power will use water for fuel and hopefully end our dependence on carbon based fuels. Space based solar power will provide cheap and clean energy, fusion energy power plants will help launch space ships. If the US government refuses to do this to fund social programs, private and public corporations will do it for record profits.

Civil Rights the GLBTT same sex marriage bill will pass federal legislation and at a federal level have equal rights for GLBTT people. The USA will give up the traditional marriage definition for a more modern one. Generation-Y took control of the government to pass the laws.

People will be leaving religion having lost their faith because of a bad economy, because of attacks on religions, because many religions didn't support same sex marriages, and also because people have become more materialistic than spiritual. There is a worship of science and technology instead.

Thin computers are in, have become so miniaturized that they resemble pieces of paper but a bit thicker. The screens are flexible and respond to touch and voice. A smaller smart paper device that is more rigid will replace the mobile phone. Work on the neurochip, a computer implanted in the human brain is in process that allows people to think instead of type on a touch screen will revolutionize the computer industry.

Many Dotcom companies will have ultimately failed because they had broken business models. Very few will have survived. Many moved to parts in Asia for lower taxes and cheaper labor with hosted servers in the EU and USA for customers there. The Internet has changed to the Ultranet that is a managed network but restrictive on what one can do. Some hacker groups make their own Darknets to host pirated materials that are near anarchism on rules, there are proxy servers on the Ultranet that allow access to Darknets, and governments keep trying to shut them down.

The USA and EU suffer a great depression, there is a great collapse of the global economy. It is caused by a moral collapse, a social collapse, a cultural collapse, and the USA going into deep debt so that the US Dollar is basically worthless once it is no longer used to trade for other currencies. There will be an effort to use the Euro instead, but the new standard will be a bushel of currencies from more stable nations called the Global Unit or GU. Some people and nations will use the Bitcoin instead as a global currency. The US Dollar will be replaced with the Amero as Canada, Mexico, the USA and other nations in North America, Central America, and South America form the American Union in order to save local economies, mirroring the European Union. Many groups will leave the USA and other nations to start their own pirate nations.

Since most 'smart' jobs got offshored to India, India leads the world in science, engineering and technology resource and patents. The economy in India booms. China also has a booming economy as most manufacturing jobs have been moved there. They found a partnership in Asia with other nations, research done in India, manufacturing done in China, distribution to most of Asia without import taxes.

Due to climate change, the middle of the USA suffers droughts and turns slowly into a desert. The USA isn't able to produce enough food for the rest of the world. There is starving, until someone develops floating cities on the ocean and bodies of water and floating farms to control the environment under a climate controlled dome to grow food better. Some farms are put into climate control domes with water pumped in because of droughts.

As Generation-Y takes over, marijuana is legalized and taxed like tobacco. Since more people are killed by automobiles than guns due to being intoxicated by alcohol, marijuana,  and other things computers take over the driving of automobiles for most of the population. As a result there are less automobile accidents. But since people are dependent on technology they think less and are more emotional because of mood altering drugs.

Computers go to 128 bits, Moore's Law is broken as computers cannot advance fast enough due to limits in quantum mechanics and the law of thermodynamics but will go from 64 bits to 128 bits. What we know as Windows no longer exists and Microsoft develops a brand new operating system called Singularity written in C Sharp that has been under development for a long time. Apple reinvents the Macintosh OS renamed Mac OS 128 or iOS 128 that drops 64 bit support and develops new Macs and iOS devices using 128 bit technology. Linux moves to 128 bits with a new 128 bit kernel. The Nanochip will replace the Microchip on a much smaller scale using less power.

3D printers are all the rage now that they are affordable. First there are plastic printers and then metal ones. It revolutionizes small businesses by just printing out 3D parts using plastic and metal to make things out of to keep costs down.

Space Travel is commercialized, there is a vacation resort on the Moon, but time there is limited because it is expensive and getting resources to the Moon is costly. There are attempts to travel to Mars, but until fusion power plants are developed it won't be a reality. using water as fuel in fusion power plants will use the exhaust to push a ship in space. There will be asteroid mining for materials, and food and water put in orbits around the Sun near Mars, Jupiter, and the Asteroid belt like we have "gas stations" today in case people run out.

In the USA some states will want to secede from the Union, this will lead to a second civil war. Due to the federal government's out of control spending and bailouts, due to lack of funds to fight crime, due to the loss of rights freedoms and liberties for security and wars, there will be many states leaving the USA to become their own nation with their own currency. There will be many battles over it on land and at sea. Some people will go crazy with bath salts and be like zombies that the others will fight in a zombie uprising. The result is either a reformed third world USA, or separate states with a better economy.

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