Monday, July 16, 2012

Global Warming has happened before according to Tree rings

Now this doesn't mean that global warming doesn't exist or is not human made. But during times in the past we had higher records than we have now. Human contributions to climate change, I want to use that name instead of global warming, are but one factor.

There are others such as the orbit of Earth around our Sun is not a perfect circle and it is an ellipse, perhaps it wobbles over time. Perhaps the Earth's poles move in position as the Earth shifts and changes the climate over time.  Perhaps we have natural sources of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The only thing we have control over is human made greenhouse gases.

We should avoid fossil fuels and switch to green renewable energy not just for climate change, but because fossil fuels are finite and will run out one day in the future. Not only that but fossil fuels can become expensive at times. If we look at the Middle-East many terrorist states have money from the sale of fossil fuels, and switching to green renewable energy will cut off their funding. If we have wind, solar, water, and geothermal sources of energy in place it will be cheaper energy costs and less greenhouse gases. Most of our energy comes from coal burning plants, and in some cases nuclear reactors and the pollution from them we can do without.

We need to plan for the future, and find ways to have green renewable energy sources reduced in price and more available. So that people can put them on their homes and businesses to help reduce costs and even sell the surplus back into the grid if they save enough electricity. We need to develop the technology to put space based solar power into operations to harness the power of sunlight in space and then sell it to foreign nations to pay for our social programs and paying off the national debt. If done correctly, this will create wealth and help power third world nations.

Look the human race has survived higher temperatures in the past, and we will survive them in the future. While we may not be able to reverse climate change we can build technologies and discover sciences to better survive it. Even if that means underwater cities if the Earth floods or artificial islands. We have the science and technology potential to survive this. We need to stop arguing over if climate change is real or not, and work together to develop cheaper sources of green renewable energy and new technologies and scientific theories to help the human race survive into the future.

We spend so much money on wars and needless programs, we waste so much time arguing and pointing fingers, that we never seem to plan for the future and take responsibility even if it isn't our fault. We have evolved to a point where we are able to overcome natural selection with science and technology. There is no better computing device than the human brain that we know of. How about we start learn how to solve problems rather than creating new ones?

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