Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Third Industrial Revolution in the USA

The Third Industrial Revolution in the USA has already started. Many people will lose their jobs to machines, robots.

EDIT: I forgot the second industrial revolution already happened, this current one is the third. Sorry for that.

Factory work is coming back to the USA, but don't get excited, jobs will go to robots instead of human beings or more machines will be used instead. Even the jobs of cooking food will go to robots at fast food restaurants. Almost any manual labor can be assigned to a robot or machine these days.

Retail clerk jobs, well the world wide web is more cost effective. Retail stores are being shut down because more people order online. Web robots using AI (Artificial Intelligence) answer tech questions and questions about products now. As soon as voice recognition is perfected, AI robots will take over phone support calls and help desks.

Mass production, well we have 3D Printers now, can print almost anything. Not as advanced as Star Trek replicator technology, but if a business can afford a 3D printer they can easily make things with it. There are even deconstruction devices that can smash 3D printed things back into materials to be recycled and be printed into new things.

The Military, well Drones are used instead of people now. It won't be long before AI Robots are used. Will we see Terminators, Cyclons, etc? Skynet? We are going to have robots in mass use before you know it as a military force.

Well what about programming? Some programming languages make it very easy to program, just point to a data source and it generates source code using AI. Maybe some know Ruby on Rails does this and other programming languages have followed suit. Now there are programs that can write programs. No need for a programmer unless there is some debugging needed the AI cannot handle. Engineering, they have AI engineering programs as well.

There should be massive layoffs as this happens. The only available jobs will go to those who can repair and replace robots, fix the AI programs when they have problems, or the best programmers who can debug in the languages the AI robots use to program in. Managers to oversee the people who can fix the automated robot workers are needed as well.

We will start to see a different sort of startup be formed as a result of these changes.

The US economy will become worse as more and more people lose their jobs. We might see a Second Great Depression or maybe a Second Civil War as well.

Even Undocumented Migrant Workers will lose jobs to robots, how can you beat a salary of free? Robots don't have salaries. BTW Did you know that Robot means 'slave'? Robot comes from the Czech robotnik, which means "slave." and the USA got an economic boost after it was formed from the labor of slaves. Slaves were freed by President Abraham Lincoln and we've seen many civil rights laws and reforms since then.

Does anyone have any ideas how to survive a second industrial revolution? How to create jobs in the bad economy that follows it? Please let me know by replying to this blog.

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