Thursday, January 24, 2013

Help for Acer with their Gateway and Packard Bell brands

First off do not copy Apple or Microsoft, and do your own thing. Apple will sue you into oblivion, and Microsoft will drag you down the Windows 8/RT black hole with them.

Packard Bell already has a reputation of affordable PC systems, but this is the Post-PC world of tablets, smartphones, video game consoles and other mobile and set top devices.

Consider Android devices for Packard Bell using ARM chips. Make a device called the PackPad that runs Android 4.X and has a 9 inch screen, and make the MiniPackPad that has a 7 inch screen, and the MicroPackPad that has a 4 inch screen. Do not copy any of Apple's GUI and do not make them look like the iPad or iPod. Give them a Packard Bell look and feel from the classic PC series.

For Gateway consider using AROS for the Gateway tablets or Ubuntu. I know you experimented with AROS as AspireOS for some of the Acer brand, and AROS has a brand called AEROS that combines AROS and Linux together that you can license and rebrand as GatewayOS for your Gateway Tablets. Keep the Cow motif with a white design with black splotches for the case design. With GatewayOS based on AEROS you can run Linux, AROS, and with WINE some Windows applications on the tablet. Ubuntu is going to be available for smartphones and if you can port some of the code to GatewayOS you can have a winning mobile OS for mobile devices. You can even make GatewayOS available for other tablets and PC systems as an alternative to Windows 8.

Just because it is the Post-PC world now does not mean the PC is dead. Come up with the UberPC idea that is a PC with mobile device features in it like touch screens, built in batteries for a power source so it can be unplugged, Intel and ARM chips so it can run ARM operating systems in a virtual machine and the ARM chip can help offset the Intel or AMD CPU.

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